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VSU-AMA membership is open to all VSU students. Membership fees are $51 annually (membership expires at the end of the 12th month). Membership fees cover local AND national dues, as well as your AMA t-shirt! The deadline for membership is September 31st (Fall semester) and February 28th (Spring semester).

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As an AMA member, I agree to abide by the AMA Statement of Ethics, embracing the highest ethical norms and values for marketers. (1) Marketers must first do no harm. (2) Marketers must foster trust in the marketing system. (3) Marketers should embrace, communicate and practice the fundamental ethical values that will improve consumer confidence in the integrity of the marketing exchange system.

Any AMA member found to be in violation of the Statement of Ethics may have his or her Association membership suspended or revoked. A complete copy of the AMA Statement of Ethics is available online at

As a student at Valdosta State University, you agree to abide by the University's policies and codes of conduct. Any VSU-AMA member found in violation of VSU policies may have his or her membership suspended or revoked.